July / August 2024


The Gospel Truth
Singer, mother, follower of Christ and choir enthusiast, Debra Bonner encourages all to find their voices. Debra shares her story of finding Christ, living in Africa, making her way out west and more starting on page 20. On page 25, continue being inspired by three more women making waves.

Women in Business
These 11 businesses know about being run by, for and about women. From health and fitness to hosting and design, see what these women are doing to give us all a boost.

Angels Among Us
Our three featured do-gooders are blessing lives by singing the song of service and finding ways to build our community one person at a time.

Cutest Cuties
Give us those Instagram pics and “you have to see this one” photos from your phone. We feature 19 fabulous baby faces to win your heart — and our contest.

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