May / June 2008


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Who Will Change the World
Scott Montrose (pictured above) is one of 14 high school students who are most likely to change the world. Along with cover girl Haley Richardson, this batch of young influencers plans to serve, teach, re-enact, perform surgeries and raise families.

99 Summer Fun Ideas
Boredom be gone. Our in-depth guide to your 99 days of summer will have you learning, laughing and loving living in an area in bloom with options.

Surefire Design
The winners of a room makeover contest are “fired up” about the personal touches to their kitchen.

Valley Trails
Breathe canyon fresh air by perusing our 12 highlights of American Fork Canyon. Plus, a timeline of Valley Trails, an organization that supports the county’s vast trails systems.

25 Cute Kids
This year’s collection of kids gives a whole new meaning to the word “cute.”