May / June 2015


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High Schoolers Who Will Change the World
This year’s roll call of 22 High School Students Who Will Change The World is making waves for all the right reasons, so we took these seniors to Provo Beach Resort to take “groupies.” Plus, find out where our 2005 featured students have landed — 10 years later.

Valiant in the Valley
Meet three unsung heroes, with ‘lyrics’ focused on airplane crashes, heart attacks and house fires.

Tour de Utah
Summer is back, and we’re ready to coach you through a marathon of fun. We’re taking you up to the rooftops of Provo, down to the roots of Pleasant Grove’s farmer’s market and through 101 activities to pack your summer with memories from start to finish.

25 Cutest Cuties
With 130 entries to go ga-ga over, we turned to three local preschool directors to deliver this year’s winners.

Best Of
Readers, we heard you. Now listen to us as we summarize what you said about your faves and your raves.