May / June 2021


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Iron Cowboy’s 100-day Rodeo
What in the world record is happening right under our socially distant noses? Lindon’s James Lawrence has been completing a full triathlon DAILY since March 1, here on his home course. Each night as he finishes the marathon near his Lindon home, he sets yet another world record for consecutive races. And you can join him — or cheer him — until June 8.

Meet 26 High Schoolers WHO WILL CHANGE THE WORLD
Our 21st annual feature introduces 26 seniors who have their flight plans. Plus! Check back in with our 2011 high schoolers to see how they’ve changed the world.

Have a gr-8 summer!
Check out these 30 ideas to party like it’s 2019.

Hashtag BEST
Thank you, Utah Valley Magazine readers, for casting your votes and choosing your 300+ favorites. #blessed