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Carlie Palmer-Webb

Carlie Palmer-Webb has created a safe space for Christian singles, parents and couples to talk about sex in a healthy, open way. She is “The Christian Sex Educator.” With a bachelor’s degree in human development and master’s in marriage, family and human development, the courses she has created are shame-free, research-based and faith-infused. On top of being a business owner and sex researcher and educator, she’s also wife to her best friend, Dallin, and a first-time mama to little Miles. Carlie has built a simple, joyful life that she loves, with a genre she titles “not-very-exciting-but-happy.” Living a life with people she loves, while also providing tools to help couples strengthen their relationships — does it get better than that?

Fully Booked I usually wake up when my little 9-month-old starts making noise in the next room. We spend the morning together — eating, snuggling, playing. When my husband comes home, it’s his turn to take little Miles. They hang out for a few hours while I work (usually still in my pjs). When I’m done, we have dinner and hang out together until Miles goes down for bed. Dallin and I soak in an hour or two of alone time and then we go to bed. It’s a simple, happy life.

Plot Twist Goodness, I was scared to become a mama. But Little Miles has brought me more joy than I could have ever anticipated. I’m happier, more confident and more content now than I ever have been. Motherhood has been so much better than I anticipated.

Hero’s Journey Depression was a burden I carried with me for over a decade. I’m grateful to say that, with the help of medication, an incredible support group, and pursuing things that help me be mentally healthy, I have genuinely never been happier. But I think often about the darker years when life felt heavy. Those years made me softer, more gentle and more empathetic.

Daily Underscore Lauren Daigle.

Character Backstory I am very introverted. Group fitness classes and large groups of teenagers make me very nervous. I’m definitely a book club over dance club kind of girl.

Just My Type Bombay House in Provo, hands-down. I order chicken makhani, garlic naan and a mango lassi.

Vital Title The book that has been the most transformative for me in the last five years is “The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry” by John Mark Comer. I will never be the same.