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Chris Harrington

Chris Harrington’s resume is longer than the road to Park City. Chris was president of field operation at Omniture where, during his tenure, they took the company from $3.5 million annual recurring revenue to $509 million in seven years. Next on the resume? Serving as the president and a member of the board of directors at Domo. Chris has also been awarded Best Sales Organization by the Stevie Awards (2004, 2005), Global Sales Leader of the Year by the Stevie Awards (2006), Best Sales Executive by the Stevie Awards (2007), Computer Software Sales Organization of the Year by the Stevie Awards (2007) Top Sales Leader by RevGen (2014) and Sales Professional of the Year by Utah Business (2023). We’d hire him! Chris and his wife, Angie, share a blended family of six kids, where their youngest, Hart, is teaching them all about autism.

Fully Booked Up by 5 a.m., I then sauna. Cold plunge until my shadow is up and at it, my 4-year-old son, Hart. Then I’m off to work in Provo and am home by 5 p.m. My wife and I drive kids around. Then we make sure we have a little time to ourselves to reflect on the day and plan for tomorrow. My favorite time of day is with her.

Plot Twist The biggest surprise of my life has been our son, Hart. Hart was diagnosed with autism in November 2022. While that diagnosis was painful and unexpected, it has been the most incredible blessings and surprises of my life. Everywhere I move throughout the house, he is right there with me and I love it. We have expanded our view beyond our own family to other families who are dealing with similar challenges with autistic children. We have joined the board of Wolverines Elevated. To see these children who have the power to become true advocates for themselves is awe-inspiring. 

Tired Tripe Not keeping your word. If you say you are going to do something, do it, or make sure we understand why it isn’t going to happen.

Dream Storybook World I would live in the time of King Arthur. In many ways what you were able to secure (land, riches, food) would be due to your work ethic, negotiation and cunning. I would have a dope set of castles.

The Sequel In the future, I see myself leading an incredible company in the software space on the business front. Continuing to learn and educate about autism. In the most amazing relationship with the most amazing wife by my side.