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Hollis Hunt

Thank you for coming to his Treehouse Talk. Hollis Hunt is all about connection, and he proves that in his work, passion projects, and time spent with friends and family. He has immersed himself in his work with HXP (Humanitarian Experience), a faith-based nonprofit that sends over 6,000 youth to over 50 global locations for humanitarian work. Hollis himself has led five years of trips of 20+ volunteers to Thailand, Hong Kong, Italy, Kenya and more. On weekday evenings, while many are cozy watching Netflix, Hollis is running Treehouse Talks at the local Kiln. With gatherings in six locations, Treehouse Talks is an intimate sharing platform for college students and young professionals to speak on topics from faith to mental health to technology. On top of that, Hollis is a podcast host for Christian podcast, “This is Kingdom” — which has a following of almost 50,000. With a proactive goodness, Hollis trails light everywhere he goes.

Fully Booked Each day starts off with exercising and prayer. Extending my Spanish Duolingo streak which is almost at 400 — woot woot! Then meditation. Then work at HXP. Prep for “This is Kingdom” podcast and Treehouse Talks. Spend time with people I love. End the day by journaling on my Day One app and reflecting on my journal entry from the previous year that day.

Plot Twist The “almost.” There have been several occasions where I’ve almost gotten something I desperately wanted. The rejection of those desires has led me to create a life better than I could’ve thought.

Hero’s Journey One of the best things that has happened to me is running for student body president at BYU and losing the election. I lost the election by three votes. I was devastated. I learned crucial things like rejection is redirection. That failure led to the creation of Treehouse Talks, my job at HXP, the start of my work with the Church by being in Book of Mormon videos and my “Hope Works” video.

Daily Underscore Bruno Mars!

Character backstory I’m a black belt in taekwondo and I’m the fourth Hollis. My dad, grandpa and great-grandpa are all Hollis.

Storybook World Pokémon. I’d be the best trainer, hands-down.

The Sequel 1)Serving God as best I can. 2) Happy with a family. 3) Continuing to make an impact on youth and young adults with my endeavors.