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Jared Halverson

When Covid forced people away from public spaces, including classrooms, BYU professor Jared Halverson found a new way to teach – and his influence quickly expanded much further than the walls of BYU. He started filming his lectures, which opened him up to eventually hosting a podcast — “Unshaken Saints” — that helps people in their study of the scriptures. His episodes are not for the faint of heart, with some hitting more than four hours. But, folks around the world are more than happy to study their scriptures with this self-described pragmatist whose goal ultimately is to help people find solutions to their problems and help them live better lives. That’s a pretty Fab way to live!

Fully Booked Every day is different, though most include lots of scripture study and lesson prep, teaching classes, working on the podcast (filming lessons or doing post-production), working with people in faith crisis (in person, via Zoom or answering emails), researching and writing, hanging out with family, which often includes watching or playing sports, or watching old episodes of The Office, Psych, the Mentalist, White Collar, Survivor or another favorite.

Plot Twist I was surprised to discover that people are willing and eager to spend our to five hours studying the scriptures with me in a podcast episode.

Hero’s Journey Chronic physical and mental health challenges among those I’m closest to have been challenging, and never enough time to help all the people who reach out in times of need. I’ve learned that people are resilient and that God’s grace is sufficient. 

New Chapter Covid forced me to take my classes online, which effectively knocked the walls off of the classroom. The world really is our campus!

Daily Underscore If I’m in the car with my daughters, then it’s Taylor Swift. If it’s just me, it’s often ‘80s rock, though I do love a good Gregorian chant now and then.

Vital Title Whichever book of scripture I’m teaching at the time. The scriptures are an endless treasure trove of wisdom and relevance.

Character Backstory I’m an introvert and have to push through social anxiety when I speak to a large group.

Storybook World Narnia. Just to hang out with Aslan.

Just My Type R&R BBQ. Fifteen years in Texas and Tennessee left me with a deep love of BBQ.

Life Genre Comedy because we’re always laughing, and despite challenges, we know there’s a happy ending.