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Jessica Farnsworth

Pull out your FranklinCovey planner and take some notes about a woman of impact in Utah Valley — Jessica Farnsworth. This inspiring and selfless wonder woman has held professional roles at FranklinCovey, Primary Intelligence, Qualtrics and is currently with EZRA Coaching. But even when she is clocked out, she’s still serving. Jessica’s passion project 100 Women Who Care Utah Valley is a local charitable giving and education organization. Four times a year, the group meets to hear from three local charities (including Provo Girls Summit, Bridle Up Hope and Utah Refugee Connection), then select one to receive an impact award — a culmination of donations from the organization’s members. Thanks to Jessica’s dedication at the helm, these women who care have donated over $150,000 to Happy Valley charities. Jessica cares!

Fully Booked Day starts at 6:30 a.m. to get our 15-year-old out the door to school. Begin the work day from my home office with a rockstar team of partners all over the world, or I may be on the road, meeting with colleagues and customers. Intentional time with family, and I try to weave in self-care that might include reading, podcasts, walking, biking and breath work. I pray, incorporate guided meditation, yoga and stretching. 

New Chapter There was a two-year period I spent as a single parent. Transitioning into working full-time, juggling childcare, self-care and creating intentional time with my little ones was difficult and a season I will never forget. Time is the only real currency we have — make every effort to ensure it is well-spent!

Storybook World “Oh the Places You’ll Go!” by Dr. Seuss. We have so many choices to make, it can be overwhelming. We make decisions at both little and big moments, at times, they take us to exactly where we thought we’d go, and other times do not. The most important thing is to always keep going. 

Character Backstory Growing up, I played competitive tennis, loved to drive a boat fast and water ski all summer long!

The Sequel I see myself continuing to pursue philanthropic and entrepreneurial passions and projects, with family, friends and community by my side. I’d like to see 100 Women Who Care Utah Valley with 200+ members (like our wonderful sister chapter in Salt Lake City has today!). I’d like to create an aligned organization — 100 Businesses Who Care Utah Valley.