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Teresa Jack

Teresa Jack is trying the title of “entrepreneur” on for size – and it fits perfectly! After a few unsuccessful attempts at college, and a stint in beauty school (where she got to wash her favorite Jonas Brother’s hair), she realized she wanted a bigger life than being behind the chair could offer her. Instagram had just come out while she was in beauty school, and she began getting hits with content creation. She then paired her strategic marketing brain with her newfound internet intelligence and started to partner with companies — including her favorite show of all time, “Outlander.” After rolling out the digital marketing campaign for “Outlander” for two seasons, she started her very own company. Chelsea Reece is a dress company that has the perfect twirl. The dresses gained the attention of Netflix star, Maitreyi Ramakrishnan (“Never Have I Ever”). Maitreyi wore a Chelsea Reece dress for her birthday. Less than a year later, Teresa’s company that started with $500 and a TikTok account is now valued at $6 million and growing.

Fully Booked I use my mornings for training to run in the 2024 TCS New York Marathon. After training, my day is usually filled with meetings, either with my team or networking to make partnerships to strengthen the brand. Even though Chelsea Reece has proven to be a sustainable startup, I still have to give it as much attention and nurturing as I would an infant child. That means around-the-clock decision making and meeting the company needs in order for it to thrive.

Plot Twist The immense support of Chelsea Reece from our customers has been a great surprise. This company started with basically no startup funds. I initially posted a video of the dress on TikTok asking for feedback. Instead, I got hundreds of people responding that they wanted to buy it immediately. What’s more, they were willing to place pre-orders. Those first customers were truly the catalyst of the birth of Chelsea Reece.

Daily Underscore Renee Rapp is the moment!

Character Backstory Most people wouldn’t know that I am a trained sushi chef. I worked at Five Sushi Brothers for five months. 

Dream Storybook World There’s a funny story about this! There’s a webcomic called “Going Up!” that strangely mirrors the events of my life. It features a fashion designer who even looks like me, and has a cocker spaniel like I do!