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Flower Power

Task: Get your partner the perfect petals 

The expert Andrea Robertson of Flamingo Friday Floral Co. is the queen of bold blooms. Andrea is a boutique floral artist, and she loves creating from her home studio in south Utah County. Whether it is a large wedding installation or a custom order, Andrea curates botanical beauty. Here are tips for how to get your special someone flowers they will adore and remember for years to come. 



ìThe biggest mistake I see is guys forgetting the special occasion all together,î Andrea jokes. ìBut also, trying to pick something last minute or not knowing her favorite flowers or colors makes it hard, too.î Andrea advises putting in your floral order a week in advance for a typical arrangement, and up to three weeks early if you want something special. 


If you have zero idea what your girlfriend or wife wants, Andrea says there are a few varieties that are pretty widely loved. ìMost women like hydrangeas, peonies, ranunculus and tulips,î she says. ìAnd if you arenít sure on color, itís always wise to stay neutral with whites or light pinks.î 


Larger custom arrangements will run you around $150 to $200. ìThat amount will get you something large and gorgeous,î Andrea explains. But $20 can get the job done, too. ìYou can always run to Trader Joeís and get a couple bunches of tulips and hydrangeas,î Andrea says. 


If you really want to go all out, here is the plan. ìSee if she follows any florist on social media and reach out to them,î Andrea says. ìBoutique florists like myself thrive on fun custom orders.î Another way to make it special is to make it sentimental. If your first date was a hike with wildflowers, ask the florist to incorporate wildflowers to bring back that memory. 


The most beautiful blooms in the world can wilt before they take her breath away if you are not careful! ìDonít keep them in a hot car ever,î Andrea says. ìBut other than that, most flowers will be OK without water for a couple hours. Then, once you are home, snip off the bottom tip and get them in water ASAP.î 


If your love doesnít love flowers, go for a plant. They are still a thoughtful gesture and plants last longer. Andreaís fave is a snake plant. ìThey are excellent air purifiers, really low maintenance, and affordable,î she says. 


Being a florist means you get to be part of peopleís happiest days of their life, but you also get to be a bright spot on challenging days, too. Once, Andrea included red roses as part of her wedding pickup order, even though the wedding she was working on didnít include red in their color palette. ìThe next day my friend messaged me about getting an arrangement to take to the cemetery for her mom. At the end she mentioned her momís favorite color was red, and I knew right then why I bought those red roses!î