January / February 2014


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The Mindy City
Provo’s Mindy Gledhill has pocketsful of fans who follow her online, on stage and on trend. Her signature butterfly wings match her flight-inspired lyrics.

Music That Moves
Utah Valley is a musical mecca with local groove machines hitting the high notes.

Take Luck!
Utah’s favorite comedian comes clean on fatherhood, backstage Band-Aids and gum-chewing violations in downtown Salt Lake City.

Behind the Stethoscope
The medical world is more than acronyms behind full names. It’s a lifechanger on both sides of the vital signs.

New Year, New You
Resolutions have a bad rap, but we’re giving them a makeover.

From A to Zion
Visit St. George in our Alphabet Loop — 26 reasons to head south on I-15.

Best of Utah Valley
Our readers give us their “best shot” when it comes to local retail.