July / August 2019


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Come What Mayor
Michelle Kaufusi is raising five athletes — including two in the NFL — and she’s also mothering the city of Provo as the first female mayor. In her initial 18 months, she’s had flashbacks of her sons fighting over sticks in the backyard as she’s navigated city conflict.

Step by Step
Not all questions can be answered with a Google search. Some Qs need more thorough As. We asked tenacious women Qs about goals, challenges and moments of I-can’t-believe-I’ve-come-this-far. We got As from them about steps they took to achieve those goals, conquer those challenges and bask in those moments.

Hey Baby!
For 19 years and counting, we’ve been bringing oh-my-goodness adorableness to readers with the Cutest Cuties contest. Plus, read the “most Utah-ish” names among the entries and find out which monikers are popular in the Beehive State as well as nationwide.

Angels Among Us
This year’s fleet of angels are so fly. Their flight plans are simple: Lift others and expect no recognition.
We headed to the Provo Airport Campus of UVU’s School of Aviation Sciences to photograph angels who are piloting change in the valley.