May / June 2019


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March Gladness
Coach Dave Rose cuts down the nets of his career after 14 years as the head basketball coach of BYU. After a life-threatening bout with cancer, he kept his whistle for a decade and now wants to focus on his next season as a grandparent and husband.

Bright Ideas
Meet 25 high schoolers who put the “bright” in future. Our annual batch of seniors who are most likely to change the world are smart, talented, driven and have glowing ideas of what the world should look like in 2030 and beyond. Talk about the bright side. Plus, we tracked down seven students featured in 2009 to see how they’ve changed the world in their first decade after high school.

No Bummer Summer
Utah may have the greatest snow on earth, but who’s thinking about the ski slopes when the summer days of May, June, July and August are stretching out before us? (Answer: Not us.)
Utah Valley Magazine has curated a list of 77 ideas to give your summer some sizzle.

Best Of
Since 2001, we’ve asked readers to chime in on their faves, and voter turnout has never been higher. Find out the 300+ winners of every category we could think of, including where to buy the kitchen sink.