July / August 2022


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Pioneer Women
In 1847, pioneers blazed new trails, opened wooden doors and created communities that still impact Utah in 2022. As a state, we proudly have a holiday, parades and fireworks in their honor. In 2022, Utah Valley Magazine interviewed 8 women who are pioneering new trails and opening glass doors (and ceilings!), which will impact our state for decades to come. Journey through this parade of pages in their honor.

Women in business
Read about 12 companies with women at the helm.

Our 22nd annual “Angels Among Us” leans into the gender vibe of our annual women’s issue by highlighting three women who build a better world for the most vulnerable in our community. Plus, find out how you can get involved and earn your angel wings.

Just keep smiling
Utah Valley Magazine’s annual “All Smiles” section highlights six dentists and orthodontists who specialize in pearly white — and straight — grins.