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Adam Broud

Take us to church, Adam. Comedy church, that is! Adam Broud is a stand-up comedian whose jokes have landed him center page at Carolines on Broadway in New York City, filming improv specials with Dry Bar Unscripted, opening up for Colin Mochrie, and writing scripted comedic commercials with Brian Regan. Not only that, but Adam is the co-host of Comedy Church in Salt Lake City, along with Greg Kyte. Like many great comedians that stem from Utah, Adam got his start at local ImprovBroadway, where there are shows every Friday and Saturday night in Provo. Encore!

Plot Twist I grew up poor and in a rural area. Adults used to ask me as a kid if I wanted to grow up to be an actor or something in entertainment, and I always said no, feeling inadequate. I told myself that until 2021. By that point, I had been hosting for Dry Bar, writing for Studio C, and had filmed improv specials, but for whatever reason, that mentality of “work is something you do to survive” stuck with me. It wasn’t until 2021 that I came to the conclusion that, even though I wasn’t focusing on comedy, it was clear that things were going well for me there. So, I did the big scary thing of making the switch to full-time comedy.

New Chapter When I was 15, I started doing speech and debate. I was a theater kid growing up, so I always did the competitions where you’d perform monologues from plays. But speech and debate had a unique division called “After Dinner Speaking.” Basically, it was stand-up comedy. For the first time in my life, I got to write my own comedic monologue and perform it all over the state. It was amazing to see something I created take me to a state competition where I ultimately got second place and got to perform stand-up in front of 800 people. It taught me the importance of spending my life creating, not just consuming. So, thank you public schools and after-school activities — without them, I’m confident I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing today.

Dream Storybook World “The Phantom Tollbooth.” It was the first book that exposed me to a more complex type of humor. That book rewired my brain to look at the world in completely new ways. Plus, I wouldn’t mind eating some subtraction stew at the end of a meal so I could be hungry again for the food I loved.

Just My Type Station 22. Fried chicken is my true food love. 

Life Genre … Comedy?