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Lisa Hall

When Lisa Hall arrived at UVU in 2010, she was the first woman to be hired onto the tenure track in the Department of Theatre, and went on to become the first woman to earn tenure, become chair of the department, and eventually earn a full professorship. She did all of that while directing, writing and raising two kids. While teaching at UVU, Lisa has directed shows at UVU, HCTO, An Other Theatre Company and Sackerson, and adapted or written plays for BYU, UVU and AOTC. Next? Lisa has begun work writing two new musicals, one of which was featured in the Harrington Center Exploration of New Works.

Plot Twist When I finished my undergraduate degree, I moved across the country and got my masters in playwriting. It was a difficult time, and, after that, I questioned whether I really loved to write. I let it go for many years, and mostly focused on other aspects of creativity. But as time passed I came back to writing, and I found a renewed love for it. It feels so much more fun now, and I’ve branched out into writing musicals and novels. I won’t say I’m great at it, but it’s become a joy in my life I wouldn’t have expected years ago.

Hero’s Journey When you are a creative person, you have to exist bravely in the world. There have been many times when I’ve been rejected, stopped, discouraged or dismissed. Being creative isn’t usually a solitary life — you create in order to communicate and share, which opens you up to the influence of other people. It was discouraging when people didn’t see value or worth in me — but I’ve learned that you can’t react to that by shutting out others and trying to go your own way. Because the influence, collaboration and sharing of other people in creative endeavors is also the source of the most joy and possibility.

Vital Title I love “Rebecca” by Daphne DeMaurier because of how beautifully atmospheric it is. I love the way memory and sensation play out in the text, and how dreams and experience blend as well.

Character Backstory I am a dual citizen in the U.S. and England! My father was British, so I’ve always maintained a British passport.

Life Genre Grand adventure meets cozy romance.

Audiobook or Physical Physical books. I even try to make sure I have my favorite books in hardback. Building my own personal library makes me happy.