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Amber Hutchings

The Utah Valley Parade of Homes is our favorite summer pastime, and we have Amber Hutchings to thank for that. Amber is the director of the Utah Valley Parade of Homes, a tour of some of the most grandiose and beautiful homes in Utah Valley. An unexpected prequel? Before Amber was involved in the UVPOH, she was a dancer for the Utah Jazz. Amber’s professional life then led her to an executive assistant role that she had for 10 years, and during that time she co-owned a construction business while managing several subsidiary businesses within the construction industry. Then Amber joined the Utah Valley Home Builders Association, and 10 years after that, she became the UVHBA Director of Events, which includes the Utah Valley Parade of Homes. From dancer to demolition, Amber has seen it all.

Fully Booked I wake up before 5 every morning. Morning is my favorite time of day. I carpool kids to school, work in the office, carpool kids to/from sports, walk my Yorkie, Penny, and squeeze in a workout, when I can.

Plot Twist One of the biggest surprises of my life for me was my daughter moving to London to dance! I had never been to London when she was offered a spot at the London Contemporary Dance School. I never imagined having a child live 4,800 miles away from me. While I miss her immensely, I am beyond proud of her.

New Chapter Becoming a mother was the greatest turning point in my life. Every priority in my life changed.

Vital Title At a young age I was introduced to “The Inner Game of Tennis” by W. Timothy Gallwey. It opened my eyes to understanding our inner potential, and that we are far greater than we give ourselves credit for. If you learn to focus your mind and stop overthinking, you will gain self-confidence, which in turn can unleash your true potential.

Character Backstory I have profound hearing loss and recently underwent cochlear implant surgery. Hearing sounds, conversations and music I normally wouldn’t for the past 40+ years has been nothing short of amazing! I am grateful for incredible doctors and technology that have helped so many hear and understand speech.

Life Genre Adventure. Every phase of life has been a new adventure. I never want to rush through each chapter, but look forward to where each adventure takes me.