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Melissa Taylor

101K people follow @healwithmelissa on Instagram. Melissa Taylor is a two-time cancer survivor and is helping her followers heal and thrive with natural health — with a little dancey-dance on the side, thank you very much. Melissa is an international presenter and trauma-informed healing facilitator, and holds a degree from the University of Utah in sociology and psychology. She authored her first book, “Heal With Me,” to help others healing from cancer. She also launched an online cancer healing course with the same name. Melissa’s online healing community is called The Thrive Hive – where she helps others learn how to not only survive, but to thrive. As if that wasn’t enough, she also started “Seasons,” a group life-coaching program to facilitate self awareness and discovery of individual purpose through astrology. Hashtag – she does it all!

Plot Twist When I was given aggressive chemotherapy at age 24, I was told I would most likely not be able to have my own children. I took a risk by not freezing any eggs or embryos and hoped that if I survived cancer, I would somehow be able to have children if it was meant for me. Two boys and one girl later, I am blessed to be the mother to three miracle children!

Hero’s Journey By the time I was 33, I had lived through cancer twice and divorce at a young age. These three experiences have radically changed my life and shaped who I am today. I have never been more alive than when I was facing death. It woke me up and taught me how to live.

New Chapter The second time I was diagnosed with cancer is when I woke up. I realized that if I didn’t change the way I lived, I would continue on a path of illness. So, I set out on a quest to find everything I could about healing and supporting the body. I was led to books, podcasts, videos, courses and people who shared their knowledge and insight with me. I made a promise to God that if I lived a second time through cancer, I would learn all I could and share all I learned with whomever it would benefit. That’s why I do what I do now. I have become the woman that I needed.

Tired Trope When my kids take my phone charger and lose it.

Life Genre I’m in my freedom era! Being in your 40s is so liberating! You release so many of the expectations of others, the masks you felt you had to put on to be accepted, and you really begin to accept yourself.