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Lindsey Hargett

Knives out! Lindsey Hargett, aka LK Cooking, is a personal chef, cooking instructor, caterer and recipe developer. After graduating from Culinary School at MTECH in Lehi, Lindsey spent a few years working at restaurants and learned all about the food, but wished she could connect more with the people. Becoming a private chef was the obvious next step. Looking back on her eight years of entrepreneurship, this chef has chopped and sautéed all around Utah for beloved clients and big-name bosses alike. Lindsey was awarded the “Home-Based Business of the Year” award from her local chamber of commerce. Lindsey and her husband have been married for 10 years, and dating since they were 14. Their dogs have the best parents. And @lkcooking has over 5,000 instagram followers who are showered with cooking content galore!

Fully Booked My mornings start with Indian masala chai. I’m always swimming in emails — I joke that I didn’t go to culinary school to end up spending so much time on my computer, but it happened! I do most of my cooking classes from my home kitchen in the evenings, so I get the kitchen ready and set everything up for whatever class I have planned. I cook or bake with my students, then clean up and head to the gym. If I’m away catering for a retreat or vacation, I am in the kitchen by 6 a.m. and don’t leave until around 11 p.m. 

New Chapter I worked at a dental office after culinary school and was feeling lost. One of the patients was clearly a bit wary about me working on him instead of his regular professional. When he asked if I was in hygiene school, I said, “No, actually, I went to culinary school!” He mentioned that he and his wife needed someone to prepare meals for them to help with their health, so I wrote my cell number on the back of his appointment card, and the rest is history! I started cooking for them once a week, and my career snowballed.

Just My Type The butter cake at Sol Agave is unreal. I would do literally anything to get my hands on that recipe.

Tired Trope When people leave doors/cabinets open. It makes a room look so messy and chaotic. 

Dream Storybook World “The Hobbit.” In the Shire, specifically. It’s just so cozy! You know all of your neighbors, and all you have to fill your time with is gardening, making tea and enjoying food together in the grassy hills under the sun. 

Audiobook or Physical I love to listen while I cook!