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Brittney Pasquale Hansen

If you are a health student at UVU, you have crossed paths with Brittney. A teacher for over 10 years, Brittney has taught in various positions at Alpine School District — including being a student council advisor, health teacher, and advocate for the Latinx community. Brittney was awarded “The Spirit of Orem” in 2020, an award presented every year to two individuals who have made great contributions to Orem. Her spirit spreads throughout UVU where she helps run the School of Health Education, while also running her own therapy practice in Pleasant Grove working with teenagers and adults. Brittney is an advocate for all — her clients, students and victims of sexual abuse. 

Fully Booked I wake up with my husband and together we will get our daughter and ourselves ready. Depending on the day, either my husband will go to work or I will. We are so lucky to be able to rotate who actually goes into work and who stays home with our 1-year-old. If it’s a work day for me, I will go mentor a student teacher, teach classes and see clients. If it’s a home day I will take my daughter to gymnastics, go to a park or try out a new cooking creation. We love to go-go-go! In the evening after dinner and after our daughter goes to bed, you can find us playing games, watching reality TV or going out on a date night in pursuit of finding the most unique things to do in Utah, or hosting family and friends at our place.

Hero’s Journey There were years of my life that I truly believed that I wasn’t smart enough to go to college, and there were voices around me that would validate that insecurity. It took a lot of work to build up that belief in myself and now here I am with multiple diplomas hanging on my walls and teaching at an incredible university!

New Chapter I would say that my life is made out of little turning points. Little by little I’ve become who I am and little by little I will create who I still want to become!

Tired Trope Deprecating humor. No need to put ourselves or others down.

Daily Underscore John Mayer. 

Character Backstory I love novelty! My favorite activity is something I have never done before. I love trying new things and expanding myself.

Dream Storybook World Hogwarts!