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Luke Furman

Luke Furman is a man of many talents: statistics, photography, mountain-exploration, podcasting. Add “former NCAA Division 1 Volleyball Coach,” and you’ve just scratched the surface. A book theme was perfect for Luke — he has his own list of favorite readings on his website,! On top of working full-time, he also co-owns an outdoor-based brand called Bushwhackers. He and his partner, Chandler, have paired their passion for outdoor photography with adventurous escapades to bring a community together for hikes, camping trips and volunteering with the forest service. Luke and Chandler have also featured 24 local photographers from Payson to Ogden through Bushwhackers — celebrating the talent of capturing wild places. Get the shot with Luke!

Fully Booked Up at 4:30 a.m. for some kind of workout. I may do some meditation, reading or writing before heading to work in Park City. After work, I may be getting out on a hike, prepping for a weekend trip, recording a podcast, managing various aspects of Bushwhackers or doing nothing to recharge the batteries. 

Plot Twist The best surprise has been the reception our efforts with Bushwhackers has gotten and the community we’ve built because of it. It never fails to amaze me how lucky we are to know so many amazing people. As someone who moved here without knowing anyone, it’s truly a blessing to now be at the center of it all, driving it forward for others to share in as well.

Hero’s Journey In 2020, I received a freak diagnosis of POTS, a nervous system disorder that affects the heart, and it completely halted my life. I went from a high-functioning athlete to hardly being able to get off the couch. All physical activity exhausted me and I was on medication to help balance me out for a couple years. It wasn’t until I moved to SLC and became more involved in the outdoors that I somehow outgrew it. To look back on everything I’ve gotten to do since then is incredible.

Vital Title “Meditations” by Marcus Aurelius. I continually get something new out of it.

Tired Trope Nothing makes me more anxious or annoyed than the feeling of being late.

The Sequel It would be incredible to be working for Bushwhackers full-time. To get to share outdoor experiences with others, potentially as a guide myself, would be an unbelievable way to make a living.