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Sarah Sun

Miss Utah, reporting for duty! Sarah Sun was crowned Miss Utah in June 2023 and is finishing out her last months serving the beehive state. Sarah was the first Miss Utah in history to also win Miss Congeniality, the first Asian American Miss Utah and the winner of the Overall Evening Gown, Overall Instrumentalist, Preliminary Talent and Preliminary Evening Gown awards at Miss Utah. Beyond the gowns and crowns, Sarah is incredibly passionate about reducing recidivism through art education, and works to make arts education available to inmates at the Utah State Prison. Sarah has given keynotes and firesides to share messages of faith with tens of thousands of youth, and will be speaking at the BYU Women’s Conference this May. While still a student at BYU, Sarah has been involved as a singer and dancer with the Young Ambassadors, Director of Inclusion for the BYU Student Association, and is an active member of the Finance Society and Investment Banking Association.

Fully Booked I often feel like Miley in “Hannah Montana,” living a double life. When I’m not wearing the Miss Utah crown, you’ll find me on BYU campus, looking like a gremlin, studying at the library or the Tanner Building. My traveling companions Dawn Meeves and Julie Edwards drive me to my Miss Utah engagements, so I’ve become an expert at putting on fake eyelashes in a moving vehicle. I’m also involved with a time-intensive project through the BYU Student Association and spend many hours collaborating with my teammates to plan events, organize volunteers and create social media content. Before going to bed, (usually around 3 a.m.), I’ll always spend a few hours studying for my finance class and catching up with friends and family.

Life Genre Historical fiction. I often think about the legacy I will leave behind for my posterity and the themes they can pull from my story and narrative.

The Sequel I hope to work in either high finance or consulting for a few years before obtaining a JD/MBA. I would love to start my career in NYC, but I believe in blooming wherever I am planted. I love serving in my church and in my community, and no matter where I end up geographically, that tenet of my life will stay constant. 

Vital Title “When Breath Becomes Air” by Paul Kalanithi because of its beautiful writing and the way it elucidates what really matters in life.