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Skye Hansen

Any reader with a chronic online shopping addiction will recognize Skye Hansen, the model for countless local and international clothing brands. Skye started modeling early on, first being featured in  I-D Magazine for a shoot with Brandy Melville at age 15, after signing with agencies in NYC and LA. She would split her summers growing up between NYC and LA before settling in LA at age 18. Then a year later, Skye signed with an agency in Europe and moved there for six months, traveling the world for photo shoots. Since then, Skye models full time and recently launched her new swimwear brand, Skota Swim. Now she travels and models for her own brand. The best of both worlds.

Fully Booked My husband and I get up at 5 a.m., workout, make breakfast, and get ready for the day. Next, I answer emails for modeling and Skota. Then I’m off to photo shoots, I head straight into hair/makeup and start shooting. After work, I get 10k steps in with my doberman, then it’s officially Skota time. I pack and ship orders, design graphics, plan photo shoots, draw new designs, etc. I make sure to end the day spending quality time with my little family (my husband and dog).

Plot Twist I was scouted from a Christmas card at the age of 12. My mom told my future agent I was too young at the time. His response was to call them when I hit 5’7”. At 15, I was 5’7” and flew to NYC to sign with New York Model Management. This opportunity completely changed the course of my life.

New Chapter A big turning point in my life was marrying my husband! I was planning to move to Miami for modeling and instead I had an overwhelming feeling to move home. I reconnected with my now husband six days later and we were married six months after that. Since marrying him, I have been able to model for so many amazing brands in my hometown and have been able to launch my own brand named after my husband and I, Skye + Kota = Skota!

Vital Title “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!” by Dr. Seuss. My dad gave it to me when I graduated high school along with suitcases since I was moving to LA.

Character Backstory I hand draw and design all of Skota swim’s designs/patterns, like our most popular Berry Bliss print!

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