November / December 2023


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The Art of Christmas
Woodland Hills artist J. Kirk Richards puts “Christ” in “Christmas” with religious masterpieces. He shares his intentions behind his thoughtful depictions of the Savior and provides insight into his in-progress painting for the Palo Alto Christmas Crèche Exhibit.

Kid Christmas History
Ten years ago, Utah Valley Magazine featured the funny faces of “Kid History.” Find out what these dads are laughing about now, and hear favorite Christmas snippets told by seven Utah Valley children.

Gift guide + HOLIDAY Calendar
Happy ho-ho-holidays! We’ve made the list and checked it twice — the ultimate local gift list, plus all the Christmas activities you can’t miss.

Relationship goals
While no relationship is perfect, three Utah Valley couples share how they create habits of highly happy matrimony. Bonus! Updates from three past happy couples featured in Utah Valley Magazine.