September / October 2023


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This is Big Time!
The official start to BYU’s membership in the Big 12 conference pulls Cougars up to the long-sought ‘seat at the table.’ Now, it’s time to see what the latest crop of Cougars does with their “big time” opportunity.

What do all the Utah Valley schools have in common? Stellar educators. From Vista Heights Middle School in Saratoga Springs to Art City Elementary in Springville, pick a desk and learn from six teachers who lead, empower and lift. Class is in session.

Famous Faces
Surprise! In this section, Harry Styles and Princess Diana are side by side. These four famous faces are sure to turn heads with their 15 minutes (and four pages) of fame. Who knew Utah Valley was also Hollywood?

Parade of homes review
In 2023, the Utah Valley Parade of Homes had over 34,000 visitors slip on shoe covers and peruse styles from flawless farmhouses to modern marvels. Walk through the homes one more time.