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Mardi Sifuentes

Born outside of New Orleans during Mardi Gras (hence the name), Mardi Sifuentes is as full of energy as her namesake celebration. She’s constantly on the go, whether it’s being a literal “soccer mom,” a city council member of one of the fastest-growing cities in the country or as the artisan baker of her own growing bakery, Vineyard Bakery. She’s fab for how she finds a chance to improve people’s lives, and she jumps in with her whole heart. 

Fully Booked Juggling life as a mother, baker and city council member is pretty non-stop, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. A regular day in my life usually includes city meetings, reading long agendas and contracts, running my boys to soccer practices and games, supporting them in school projects, prepping and baking bread, helping to run a small family-owned construction company, catching up on Marco Polo messages from my closest friends, cooking, cleaning, and all while listening to a book in my ear any chance I get. To sum up, I love to work hard and I hate to sit still — so much so that even when I’m sitting, you’ll likely find some cross stitching supplies in my hands. That’s right. I said what I said. I crochet, boondoggle and puzzle, too. 

Plot Twist Motherhood. I continually surprise myself — and others — at how well I can rock it or how terribly I can screw it up on any given day. 

Hero’s Journey Just recently I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, which seems to be God’s way of telling me it’s okay to sit sometimes. He and I still disagree on that one, so I guess you could say I haven’t fully learned it yet. 

New Chapter After my husband lost his job during Covid, there were many unknowns. I had to take action. One of my favorite hobbies was baking artisan sourdough bread and sharing it with neighbors. So,  I decided to start selling it. I was shocked at how much my community supported me. My business has just continued to grow ever since. 

Storybook World I hate to be cliche, but this girl would head straight to Hogwarts. Sign me up to learn some magic, fight Voldemort and hang out with Harry, Ron and Hermione. 

Vital Title I love the “The Lady Janies” series by Cynthia Hand, Brodi Ashton and Jodi Meadows. The mix of fantasy, history and comedic humor just hits all the marks for my great escape into the book world.

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Dr. Stephen White

Dr. Stephen White, PT, DPT, GCS, is a classic story of local boy made good. Growing up in Mapleton and graduating from Springville High, Stephen moved to Oregon and Colorado to become a well-trained, multi-certified physical therapist. After 10 years away, an opportunity to teach at Rocky Mountain University and run the school’s Community Rehabilitation Center in Provo gave him and his family a chance to reconnect with their Mapleton roots and move back. Now, he spends his work time training the next generation and meeting the physical therapy needs of numerous low-income and uninsured community members. He can also be found at his children’s games or running in half marathons. 

Plot Twist After leaving Utah Valley several years ago, I was not sure we would ever come back. We were very surprised and excited when the opportunity came our way to return home to Utah Valley.  

Hero’s Journey When I graduated, I was stressed about paying off my student loans. Physical therapy school is not cheap and the stress weighed on me daily. We moved our family to a rural area in Colorado near the Kansas border. We were far from family, friends and city luxuries. We would travel more than three hours to get things we needed for our home, activities or for medical appointments. I took on additional jobs to make additional payments and spent a lot of time working. With time, I repaid my loans and we came to love the area and the people who live in the area. 

Character Backstory I am a certified BBQ taste-testing judge through the Kansas City BBQ Society.

Storybook World Unashamedly, I’d pick Harry Potter. We are big Harry Potter fans in our family and I would love to attend Hogwarts. I guess I could not be a PT anymore if I did, though. I’m sure I could find a good magical job. Working at Fred and George’s joke shop sounds pretty fun.

Life Genre “Choose Your Own Adventure.” I don’t feel tied down by anything specific at this point in my life. I am eager to find where I can become the best healthcare provider, father and community member I can. It’s exciting making new decisions each day as they are presented and seeing what life has to behold — the good, the difficult and the unknown.

The Sequel In five to 10 years, I hope I am still doing new things. The spice of life for me is novelty and change. This is one of the reasons I love teaching!

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Susan Stratton Harding

101K people follow @healwithmelissa on Instagram. Melissa Taylor is a two-time cancer survivor and is helping her followers heal and thrive with natural health — with a little dancey-dance on the side, thank you very much. Melissa is an international presenter and trauma-informed healing facilitator, and holds a degree from the University of Utah in sociology and psychology. She authored her first book, “Heal With Me,” to help others healing from cancer. She also launched an online cancer healing course with

Susan Stratton Harding grew up working the family orchards and farms in Orem. That work ethic is what has kept Susan working deep into her seventh decade of life. While she had never had plans to run a rafting company, a crucial conversation with her father changed her plan. Susan’s parents wanted to serve a mission, so her father asked her if she would take over running Tour West, a river-rafting company that arranges adventures for people from around the world on the Colorado River in Utah and the Salmon River in Idaho. While her oldest son manages the river operations, Susan continues to run the company “six steps” from her bedroom and enjoys the ups and downs of running the rapids. You can say that she’s one that goes with the flow.

Fully Booked Usually get up by 6 or 7 a.m. Walk if the weather permits. Answer phones, do bookkeeping work, discussing river rafting stuff with our employees, government requirements, park service requirements, etc. Close up around 5 p.m. Sometimes, I find myself driving to one of our three warehouses (in Arizona, Moab or Salmon Idaho). If I’m lucky, I could find myself on a river trip — hopefully next summer. 

Plot Twist That I would end up with a river rafting company. When I first started at BYU I was going to study history.

Hero’s Journey There have been a lot of work-related challenges. In 1983, we had a huge amount of water and there were many accidents. We had a 33-foot raft flip full of passengers. Also, when we went through the pandemic, the Park Service completely closed access to the river. Much of the money had been collected. We decided to give all our customers the option of a refund or hold their money over the next year. We refunded lots of money. We lost quite a bit of money, but many of the people that took a refund came back to do trips  making the years after the pandemic much busier.

Character Backstory I finished my degree from BYU at age 65!

The Sequel In five to 10 years, I hope I am still around, retired, and living days filled with family, children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Dream Storybook World A world full of peace, honesty, kindness, generosity, etc. 

the same name. Melissa’s online healing community is called The Thrive Hive – where she helps others learn how to not only survive, but to thrive. As if that wasn’t enough, she also started “Seasons,” a group life-coaching program to facilitate self awareness and discovery of individual purpose through astrology. Hashtag – she does it all!

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Melissa Taylor

101K people follow @healwithmelissa on Instagram. Melissa Taylor is a two-time cancer survivor and is helping her followers heal and thrive with natural health — with a little dancey-dance on the side, thank you very much. Melissa is an international presenter and trauma-informed healing facilitator, and holds a degree from the University of Utah in sociology and psychology. She authored her first book, “Heal With Me,” to help others healing from cancer. She also launched an online cancer healing course with the same name. Melissa’s online healing community is called The Thrive Hive – where she helps others learn how to not only survive, but to thrive. As if that wasn’t enough, she also started “Seasons,” a group life-coaching program to facilitate self awareness and discovery of individual purpose through astrology. Hashtag – she does it all!

Plot Twist When I was given aggressive chemotherapy at age 24, I was told I would most likely not be able to have my own children. I took a risk by not freezing any eggs or embryos and hoped that if I survived cancer, I would somehow be able to have children if it was meant for me. Two boys and one girl later, I am blessed to be the mother to three miracle children!

Hero’s Journey By the time I was 33, I had lived through cancer twice and divorce at a young age. These three experiences have radically changed my life and shaped who I am today. I have never been more alive than when I was facing death. It woke me up and taught me how to live.

New Chapter The second time I was diagnosed with cancer is when I woke up. I realized that if I didn’t change the way I lived, I would continue on a path of illness. So, I set out on a quest to find everything I could about healing and supporting the body. I was led to books, podcasts, videos, courses and people who shared their knowledge and insight with me. I made a promise to God that if I lived a second time through cancer, I would learn all I could and share all I learned with whomever it would benefit. That’s why I do what I do now. I have become the woman that I needed.

Tired Trope When my kids take my phone charger and lose it.

Life Genre I’m in my freedom era! Being in your 40s is so liberating! You release so many of the expectations of others, the masks you felt you had to put on to be accepted, and you really begin to accept yourself.

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Amber Hutchings

The Utah Valley Parade of Homes is our favorite summer pastime, and we have Amber Hutchings to thank for that. Amber is the director of the Utah Valley Parade of Homes, a tour of some of the most grandiose and beautiful homes in Utah Valley. An unexpected prequel? Before Amber was involved in the UVPOH, she was a dancer for the Utah Jazz. Amber’s professional life then led her to an executive assistant role that she had for 10 years, and during that time she co-owned a construction business while managing several subsidiary businesses within the construction industry. Then Amber joined the Utah Valley Home Builders Association, and 10 years after that, she became the UVHBA Director of Events, which includes the Utah Valley Parade of Homes. From dancer to demolition, Amber has seen it all.

Fully Booked I wake up before 5 every morning. Morning is my favorite time of day. I carpool kids to school, work in the office, carpool kids to/from sports, walk my Yorkie, Penny, and squeeze in a workout, when I can.

Plot Twist One of the biggest surprises of my life for me was my daughter moving to London to dance! I had never been to London when she was offered a spot at the London Contemporary Dance School. I never imagined having a child live 4,800 miles away from me. While I miss her immensely, I am beyond proud of her.

New Chapter Becoming a mother was the greatest turning point in my life. Every priority in my life changed.

Vital Title At a young age I was introduced to “The Inner Game of Tennis” by W. Timothy Gallwey. It opened my eyes to understanding our inner potential, and that we are far greater than we give ourselves credit for. If you learn to focus your mind and stop overthinking, you will gain self-confidence, which in turn can unleash your true potential.

Character Backstory I have profound hearing loss and recently underwent cochlear implant surgery. Hearing sounds, conversations and music I normally wouldn’t for the past 40+ years has been nothing short of amazing! I am grateful for incredible doctors and technology that have helped so many hear and understand speech.

Life Genre Adventure. Every phase of life has been a new adventure. I never want to rush through each chapter, but look forward to where each adventure takes me.

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Joe Tuia’ana

In January 2022, Joe Tuia’ana was busy living his best single-dad-to-three-daughters life and driving to basketball practice when he noticed a man on an overpass ledge having a mental health crisis. He pulled over and, while his daughter called emergency services, Joe approached the man. Not knowing what to do, he opened his arms and repeated the words, “I love you, bro.” Eventually, he was able to grab the belt and hood of the man and pull him to safety. After some local and national attention — including a letter from Senator Mike Lee — he started the “i love you, bro PROJECT.” The project addresses ongoing mental health concerns of adult men in our area. The group offers weekly support groups in Provo and West Jordan called “Courage to Bro” where men “leave their masks at the door” and build emotional connections with other men. Way to go, bro!

Hero’s Journey My father died two weeks before I entered the MTC as a 19-year-old. My ongoing grief is constantly recycling into more and more compassion and empathy for others. Also, my divorce taught me how valuable family is and how lucky and blessed I am to be a dad. I’ve also learned how to be the best ex-husband I possibly can. I also suffered from alcohol addiction (now almost three years sober). I’ve learned that temptation will never go away, so strengthening myself and my family can never stop. 

New Chapter 1) My divorce, making it so I had my kids full-time. 2) The overpass suicide prevention event. Those two events have shaped my present and have brought me the most joy in my life. 

Vital Title “The Book of Mormon.” It’s a powerful resource to learn about faith, hope and true love — God’s never-ending, never-ceasing love for all of us — and how I can apply that kind of love into to my everyday life.

Tired Trope People who “hear” but don’t listen, “look” but don’t see, and “care about” but don’t love.

Character Backstory I recently wrote a young adult book that is currently being illustrated by the amazing Adam Munoa (“Fab 40” from 2023). The book should be completed this year.

The Sequel Working full-time for the i love you, bro PROJECT, managing and operating our future headquarters, giving every man in the community a safe space to help themselves through connection, learning, and service to others.

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Kim Mayberry

Kim Mayberry is putting the ball in your court. She is incredibly passionate about BM Sports USA, the youth sports training business she owns with her husband, Lavel. As a team, they work hard to instill the physical and mental training needed for young athletes to reach their full potential. When she’s not working with youth, she has a laptop in hand, and is writing her own story. Well, stories, that is! Kim is a published children’s book author. Her first book, “Charlie the Champion,” was published last year. And the next chapter? There are two more books in the works.

Fully Booked I wake up every day at 4 a.m. to start my morning ritual of reading, journaling and meditating. After that, I work out for the day and then wake up my children at 6:30 a.m. to get them ready for school. Being self-employed, I have the freedom to tailor my routine to my liking. I enjoy spending time being creative by working on exciting projects. When my children come back from school, I’m either busy training clients, cooking dinner or preparing for the next day. Having routine and structure in my day helps me stay focused and productive.

Hero’s Journey I have faced countless hurdles in my life, too numerous to tally. But the most valuable lesson I have learned from them all is that I hold the power within me to create a fresh start or endure a current predicament, even when I once thought that ability was lost or given away to someone or something else.

Daily Underscore I love Jaheim, Chris Brown, Beyonce.

Vital Title “Conversations with God” by Neale Donald Walsch. It gives you a new perspective on how to view and live a life that is unique to you.

Tired Trope A pet peeve is when someone pets my arm softly.

Just My Type Joe’s Cafe in Orem and I order Anna’s Omelet with no mushrooms.

Life Genre Comedy because I always try and find the humor in life and usually do.

Audiobook or Physical Physical books, hands down.

The Sequel I see myself as a best-selling author in different genres, having time and money freedom to enjoy whatever life brings and teaching others how to be the best authentic versions of themselves.

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Jessica Farnsworth

Pull out your FranklinCovey planner and take some notes about a woman of impact in Utah Valley — Jessica Farnsworth. This inspiring and selfless wonder woman has held professional roles at FranklinCovey, Primary Intelligence, Qualtrics and is currently with EZRA Coaching. But even when she is clocked out, she’s still serving. Jessica’s passion project 100 Women Who Care Utah Valley is a local charitable giving and education organization. Four times a year, the group meets to hear from three local charities (including Provo Girls Summit, Bridle Up Hope and Utah Refugee Connection), then select one to receive an impact award — a culmination of donations from the organization’s members. Thanks to Jessica’s dedication at the helm, these women who care have donated over $150,000 to Happy Valley charities. Jessica cares!

Fully Booked Day starts at 6:30 a.m. to get our 15-year-old out the door to school. Begin the work day from my home office with a rockstar team of partners all over the world, or I may be on the road, meeting with colleagues and customers. Intentional time with family, and I try to weave in self-care that might include reading, podcasts, walking, biking and breath work. I pray, incorporate guided meditation, yoga and stretching. 

New Chapter There was a two-year period I spent as a single parent. Transitioning into working full-time, juggling childcare, self-care and creating intentional time with my little ones was difficult and a season I will never forget. Time is the only real currency we have — make every effort to ensure it is well-spent!

Storybook World “Oh the Places You’ll Go!” by Dr. Seuss. We have so many choices to make, it can be overwhelming. We make decisions at both little and big moments, at times, they take us to exactly where we thought we’d go, and other times do not. The most important thing is to always keep going. 

Character Backstory Growing up, I played competitive tennis, loved to drive a boat fast and water ski all summer long!

The Sequel I see myself continuing to pursue philanthropic and entrepreneurial passions and projects, with family, friends and community by my side. I’d like to see 100 Women Who Care Utah Valley with 200+ members (like our wonderful sister chapter in Salt Lake City has today!). I’d like to create an aligned organization — 100 Businesses Who Care Utah Valley.

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Paul Shin

Paul Shin has likely eaten lunch at 90 percent of the restaurants around the valley (don’t quote us on that stat) with new friends and colleagues. He’s known for being the best lunch pal and for his role as founder of Tacos Together — a group that’s all about giving back, fostering real connections and always eating tacos. Paul is the designated Happy Valley bestie, meeting up for lunch with hundreds of professionals around the valley to talk life, charity and business. Paul and the Tacos Together team have broken two world records (one being the largest rugby scrum on the Real Salt Lake field, all to raise donations for a Make-A-Wish friend) and served over 1,000 Utah families with Operation: Santa’s Stash this past Christmas. Paul loves big and gives freely.

Fully Booked Wake up at 6 a.m. Cold shower and lift (it’s not a lot, but just to get the blood flowing). Morning is family time. Quick meditation before my first set of calls. Calls, meetings and tacos throughout the day. I try to help make dinner. No phones or emails from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.. Mini date night — something as simple as watching a show together.

Hero’s Journey I almost took my life a few years ago. A startup I was working with failed, and I lost my identity. It helped me learn a lot. I learned that we all matter. I learned that I had value to offer this world that wasn’t tied to a job or a title. I learned to love myself and to be more comfortable in my own skin.

Character Backstory I have a wife and four kids. I love longboarding. I recently found out I like brussel sprouts. I have wrestled a tiger. 

Daily Underscore I’m convinced the best music is from high school/early college. For me, that’s punk: Yellowcard, Blink-182, Fall Out Boy, New Found Glory.

Vital Title “Leadership and Self-Deception” by The Arbinger Institute comes up a lot for me. This book helps me remember that it’s not about my ego, it’s about winning as a team.

Storybook World Is there one that’s pretty much our world, but less inflation? The problem with most of these worlds is that there’s a bad guy. If I lived in the world of “The Hobbit,” somehow an Orc army would end up in my backyard — I just know it.

Sequel My co-founder and I are investing in growing, an app that uses AI and personality profiles to match attendees, sponsors and events. The ultimate goal is to make human connection easier for all.

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Jared Halverson

When Covid forced people away from public spaces, including classrooms, BYU professor Jared Halverson found a new way to teach – and his influence quickly expanded much further than the walls of BYU. He started filming his lectures, which opened him up to eventually hosting a podcast — “Unshaken Saints” — that helps people in their study of the scriptures. His episodes are not for the faint of heart, with some hitting more than four hours. But, folks around the world are more than happy to study their scriptures with this self-described pragmatist whose goal ultimately is to help people find solutions to their problems and help them live better lives. That’s a pretty Fab way to live!

Fully Booked Every day is different, though most include lots of scripture study and lesson prep, teaching classes, working on the podcast (filming lessons or doing post-production), working with people in faith crisis (in person, via Zoom or answering emails), researching and writing, hanging out with family, which often includes watching or playing sports, or watching old episodes of The Office, Psych, the Mentalist, White Collar, Survivor or another favorite.

Plot Twist I was surprised to discover that people are willing and eager to spend our to five hours studying the scriptures with me in a podcast episode.

Hero’s Journey Chronic physical and mental health challenges among those I’m closest to have been challenging, and never enough time to help all the people who reach out in times of need. I’ve learned that people are resilient and that God’s grace is sufficient. 

New Chapter Covid forced me to take my classes online, which effectively knocked the walls off of the classroom. The world really is our campus!

Daily Underscore If I’m in the car with my daughters, then it’s Taylor Swift. If it’s just me, it’s often ‘80s rock, though I do love a good Gregorian chant now and then.

Vital Title Whichever book of scripture I’m teaching at the time. The scriptures are an endless treasure trove of wisdom and relevance.

Character Backstory I’m an introvert and have to push through social anxiety when I speak to a large group.

Storybook World Narnia. Just to hang out with Aslan.

Just My Type R&R BBQ. Fifteen years in Texas and Tennessee left me with a deep love of BBQ.

Life Genre Comedy because we’re always laughing, and despite challenges, we know there’s a happy ending.